Fee Structure

Deposit Fees

Asset Deposit Fee Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum
GBP FREE No Minimum No Maximum
BTC FREE No Minimum No Maximum
LTC FREE No Minimum No Maximum
ETH FREE No Minimum No Maximum
BCH FREE No Minimum No Maximum
XRP FREE No Minimum No Maximum

Withdrawal Fees

Asset Withdrawal Fee Withdrawal Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Mining Fee
GBP £5 £25 40% per day N/A
BTC 0.0005 BTC 0.01 BTC No Maximum Market Rates
LTC 0.001 LTC 1 LTC No Maximum Market Rates
ETH 0.005 ETH 0.01 ETH No Maximum Market Rates
BCH 0.001 BCH 0.01 BCH No Maximum
XRP 1 XRP 20 XRP No Maximum

* Fiat withdrawals can take up to 3 Business days

** Mining Fees can fluctuate day to day on different blockchain networks.


Asset Trade Fee Platform Fee Trade Minimum Trade Maximum
GBP/BTC Variable 1.39% 0.01 BTC 5 BTC
GBP/XRP Variable 1.39% 1 XRP 10000 XRP
GBP/ETH Variable 1.39% 0.01 ETH 160 ETH
GBP/LTC Variable 1.39% 0.01 LTC 6000 LTC
GBP/BCH Variable 1.39% 0.01 BCH 200 BCH

* Trade maximums are imposed for single trades to help stop price slipping.

** getFIFO recommends multiple smaller trades combined with larger single withdrawals.