getFIFO is building a new type of fiat to crypto service. This service will offer UK clients a way to transact and trade in crypto, but also have the knowledge that our spreads and fees are constantly giving back to those who need it most. We believe that through giving we can all help to shape a better world.

Our core team comes from a variety of technical, security and financial services backgrounds.

Our mission is to not only provide our clients with a premium service offering to buy and sell their digital assets but to ensure their security while doing so. Our founding directors all have a background in Technology where Security and Privacy is paramount.

At getFIFO we want to establish trust by being transparent and honest. This transparency will allow us grow our and develop our platform along with our client base overtime without over-leveraging ourselves like many of our competitors.

We want to bring a strong social conscious to the blockchain industry with an ethos charity and giving. Each month we want to give away a portion of our fees and spreads to a registered charity voted on by our community.

The more we grow, the more our clients can grow, the more we can give back.

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